Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Bench That Turns the Smoldering Ash Into a glorious Blaze!

They may not need good performances from all the starters to win games this season. It is a new day in Raptor land with a decisive victory over the struggling Miami Heat. I had the pleasure of attending this game and was able to choose what I stare at instead of a camera lens choosing for me.

How better off are we to not have an inconsistent bench? I don't miss the 08/09 season and I think I will pay for extended psychotherapy to remove it from my psyche. How I never have to worry about Jason Kapono the shooting specialist that couldn't buy a shot and thinks he's Michael Jordan. To never have another big man named Kris Humphries taking jumpers because he thinks he's Michael Jordan and to never have another athletic wing player named Jamario Moon who is scared shitless to drive the ball and convinces himself he is the second coming of Reggie Miller. Special mention goes out to Joey Graham who actually had marginal talent but had no Basketball I.Q.

Yes, my fellow Raptor fan's it brings a tear of joy to my eye every time I see DeRozan, Weems and Belinelli drive the ball without hesitation. It brings ease to my shell shocked Raptor fanatic body to see the rebounding machine and athletic big man Amir Johnson respect his team and play his role without Shakespearean tragedy(a quick note to you Amir I saw that shot you took from the top of the key in the 3rd. Please don't.). To see Reggie Evans though wounded the warrior, still supporting the troops in the march to certain victory. Special mention goes out to Antoine Wright who thinks he's Michael Jordan.

The Raptors are at the ACC on Sunday facing the Magic. With Carter in the line-up we are looking at a true battle. He definitely lights it up when he takes on the Raptors so it should be entertaining. I'm looking at two keys to us stealing this game. Our bench needs to play solid and we need to expose the weakness at the point. Jason Williams is starting in place of the injured Jameer Nelson. If we get ahead early and keep a good pace we could steal this one. Hopefully the majority of the building will be awake at 12:30pm for the game.

Cool Hand Luke


John Galt said...


Last year he shot 45% from outside the restricted area.

Between the foul line and arc in the center and right center of the court last season he made 7 of a 11 shots.

Raptor fans should encorage him to shoot the ball from wherever he wants and not put him in a box.

Cool Hand Luke said...

I disagree John it's a different team and a different offensive rhythm. He may have had success with that shot but I can tell with his stroke that he is not a shooter. I think he should be encouraged to drive the ball and draw a foul which would certainly serve his team better than a shot. You would also have to put into perspective the offensive power of this team and the fact that even if he had success in the past it simply isnt needed on this team. His encouragment should lie in the success he's having by playing his role of being a rebounding and shot blocking force.

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