Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What if...the Raptors were the number 1 offensive team in the league and the worst defensive team?

The Raptors are a tough team to watch. They make you laugh, cry and shriek in terror. These guy's have made me sweat watching them play. To get an idea of where this team could be at the end of the year is complicated and riddled with What ifs...

Chris Bosh

What can we say about him? This guy is a franchise player. He's come running out of the gate like a bull looking for blood. I enjoy his new found focus and determination on the court. This is a big year for him and he knows it. His averages are at the MVP level and I think it's safe to bet on his 5th all-star appearance this year. I do think the team needs to find him even more on the court and exploit the match-ups he's given night in night out. With Duncan out of the line-up on Monday night against the Spurs I think he could have scorched McDyess and Blair for 40+points if they gave him more looks. He had 16 shot attempts but it should have been around 25. He did however get to the line 17 times which put the Spurs in foul trouble. That will be a key to success for these guys. Both in Dallas and San Antonio they did not take advantage of being in the bonus during certain moments in the game. That's when you hit the post heavy and rake in gimmie's. Look for CB4 to continue his recent success. There is no stopping him.

Andrea Bargnani

I've stated before if he averages 22points per game I won't be so upset about his rebounding woes. As we now know our defence is non-existent. Frankly, I knew our defence wouldn't be the best in the league I certainly didn't expect them to be this bad. So, I will need a mulligan on that one. He is shooting great averaging 20points but I'm not sure what we can do about his rebounding. The Spurs killed us with second chance points and it's tough to fix that when your out at the three point line with your hands up. I'm definitely not hating on him for scoring. I'm just concerned that there may not be a fix for that in his game because he's not a traditional big man. Hopefully when we see Reggie Evans back in the line-up his rebounding stat won't be such a glaring mark on this team.

Hedo Turkoglu

I thoroughly enjoy watching the game when the ball is in his hands. This offence becomes exciting and unpredictable with a high rate of success. There are still some kinks in his game but it's coming together. I am pleased he received that time off from basketball during training camp because we could have ended up with the Gasol situation in L.A. I was reading a few post's from fans comparing Hedo and Pau. Both had played the finals and both had teams in the Eurobasket go deep. Hedo opted to rest and Pau started training camp right away. Now we are 2 weeks into the season and Gasol is yet to play a game. Goes to show you a little rest goes a long way. I'm not completely sold on the fact Hedo was the best option this summer. I really liked the way this team looked with Marion and was disappointed that there was no way he would stay on. Hedo does not have the best defensive skill set. Although, not having any trouble keeping his man in front of him, he does give up on a play far too often. I'm not sure if it's a mental thing or simply fatigue but it can be tough to watch when the team is still in the game.

I will get into Calderon, DeRozan and the bench with my next post.

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